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Hydraulic Tightening device

Capacity 13 - 95 ton Stroke 8 - 155 mm Center Hole Diameter 19,6 - 79,0 mm Max. Pressure 700 bar Easy to dismantle and Assemble plate pack of plate heat exchangers Less time duration to complete the assembly No possibility of misalignment of plates while assembly The tightening device shall consist of the following components : 60 Ton S/A Hollow Plunger Cylinder, Stroke: 76mm, Closed Height: 247mm Economy Pump, 3-Way Valve, Single Acting Max. operating pressure 700 bar Gauge Adaptor, 1/4" Gauge Port Pressure Gauge, Face Dia 2.5", 1/4" NPTF Thread, Range 0-10000 PSI 3/8" Hi-Flow Coupler consisting of CR400 female half & CH-604 male half 6 feet Hose, 3/8" NPTF, .25" I.D. with CH-604 Coupler 3/8" NPTF Manifold Valve, 4-Way Cylinder Half (Female) Coupler of C604 20 feet Hose, with CH-604, 3/8" NPTF, .25" I.D.



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